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WhatsApp updates images of status like SnapChat

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  • February 17, 2017

For a few months, we have been hearing and reading through different means that WhatsApp will implement a new ‘status update‘ that will allow users to enrich them with more dynamic content. This function is found in Beta versions of WhatsApp but is not activated by default and activating it is not an easy task. WhatsApp updates images of status.

New “status updates” we must press a new option next to calls or chats called Status. By clicking it we can publish a small text with a photo or video, similar to Instagram or Facebook Stories. The content can be adorned with text and emoji’s.

WhatsApp updates images of status

Another feature that they comment on the new state functions is that when they are uploaded. There will be three options focused on deciding who we want to display them, choosing between:

  • Visible to all our contacts in the application.
  • Visible to all but the ones we establish.
  • Visible only to those we designate.

These features allow us only those who are on our list to see the messages – a point in WhatsApp favor for these privacy features.

It is also said that these status updates will be available for a period of 24hrs. And then disappear and not be available again. We will be able to know the audience level to our updates from the ‘Status’ tab itself. As well as to know who they are who have seen it.

It is in many ways a reminder of the status updates. Enhanced with this dynamic content that is very reminiscent of Snapchat updates. However its scope will be very limited by WhatsApp own characteristics. So the impact will not be the same as it will in other social networks where Facebook is implementing similar functions.

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