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WhatsApp starts monetize messaging service

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  • March 10, 2017

WhatsApp studies how to introduce advertising

The company plans to cede the phone numbers of its users to private companies and send targeted ads to users. WhatsApp starts monetize messaging service

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging application in the world, looks at how to incorporate advertising into your chats to monetize the broad user community.

The agency has access to an internal company document says that the strategy of WhatsApp is to assign phone numbers of its users to private companies and are those who take charge of sending ads to users.

Apparently, these would be specific ads for each user, depending on the interests of each person, thus discarding a mass advertising that could have a negative effect on the application. However, WhatsApp runs the risk that many users will not conform to this change and will be dropped in the application.

Anyway, WhatsApp is aware that other applications like Hike messenger do not include ads and the project is progressing slowly, in order to avoid a massive loss of users.


WhatsApp starts the first tests to include ads

Facebook seeks to monetize its popular messaging service

WhatsApp wants to monetize its millionaire user base, a gold mine from which no one – not even its creators – has yet figured out how to extract money. The first step came a few months ago when the company owned by Facebook announced change in the conditions of use that opened the doors to the commercial use of the data of its users. Those who have not waived their express consent within 30 days following the change in conditions will be the ones who will first verify the commercial exploitation of the service.


That an advertiser could send their advertising directly to the mobile of certain users, highly segmented by profiles, something that Facebook knows how to do well.

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