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Great News for all WhatsApp users, WhatsApp launches video calling facility

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  • November 15, 2016
WhatsApp launches video calling facility

Many changes in recent weeks

WhatsApp launches video callingWhatsApp continues its slow but firm step to integrate new features that will definitely make this application more complete messaging. Such as two – step verification came a few days then fun does support animated GIFs that now allow us a more lighthearted touch to our messages.

WhatsApp Video calls reaches iOS

WhatsApp launches video calling facility for iOS and to make video calling is now the reality. Hereafter Apple users can now have this option and make video calls with Android users and vice versa. WhatsApp wants to be international cross-platform FaceTime. Now, the Facebook-owned company is ready to unleash video calls on all devices and in the upcoming days will roll out the feature to iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Using WhatsApp video calling on iPhone

Making video calls using WhatsApp video calling on iPhone is easy and simple as normal calls. Even it has not changed the call icon and can easily be identified. Of course, when we click on the call icon it displays dual option. We can choose between making the video call or voice call from the dual option. When we start to choose video call, the camera will portray us as the type call and communication.

WhatsApp launches video calling facility

On the other hand, when we try to connect with a friend who has a “normal” version of Android an error appears. An error is that we are trying to connect call or Video call with a person who does not have service enabled and should upgrade to continue the video WhatsApp calling facility. If your device is not compatible to have Android beta version, wait until we launch patience of time needed.

The deployment of WhatsApp video calling on iPhone for apple phone users to make video calls through the WhatsApp application. Beyond texting with the simple interface but embracing more vivid connections, WhatsApp could flourish with users. Now WhatsApp users can communicate however they want.

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