Volvo electric car from 2019 with up to 100 kWh battery capacity

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  • March 14, 2017

Volvo electric car

Volvo has announced in 2016 that it intends to sell up to one million electric vehicles over the next decade. In addition to partial electric plug-in hybrid versions of existing series and new electrified compact models. The Swedes are planning to offer a pure electric car from 2019 onwards. The premium manufacturer will equip its current with up to 100 kWh strong battery packs. Volvo electric car from 2019

In order to make the production of different electro car series as effective as possible. Volvo develops a new vehicle architecture designed from the ground up for electric cars. With MEP (“Modular Electrification Platform”), fully electric vehicles with 100 to 450 kW power and battery capacities up to 100 kWh are to be realised. Volvo already gave a preview of the possible form of its first electric car last summer.


Memory with a capacity of 100 kWh should also be possible with large Volvos standard ranges of 500 to 600 kilometres. Before the start of the purely electric model. However, the market introduction of a further partial electric plug-in hybrid car is planned. The front-wheel drive unit with the 3-cylinder internal combustion engine, electric machine and plug for charging. A compact battery is designed to provide power at the 6-cylinder level as well as around 50 kilometres of electrical range.


The 206 kW (280 hp) V60 plug-in hybrid diesel can drive with a battery charge up to 50 kilometres purely electrically. The XC90 is powered by a 236 kW (320 hp) system, while the electro range is 40 km.

Volvos technical manager for electric drives, Mats Andersson, recently confirmed at an industry event that the Swedish manufacturer would continue to firmly believe in the future of electric mobility. “We have agreed. There is no back “.

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