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Volkswagen, turning its engine factories into EV battery plants

The German car & battery manufacturer Volkswagen, has made engines to most of the popular car’s in the world for almost 5 decades.

Its clamined that most of the cars has lost the shine due to its contribution to pollution which is upto 30-40%.The company has realised its mistake and is willing to change. It is said that by the end of 2035, the combustion engines ( Diesel and gasline combined ) are said to drop by 50% and the Electric vehicle will boom to capture the world. To grab the market, VW is transforming its engine factory into new EV battery facility. At a cost of 15 billion dollars, it plans to build its 1st of 6 factories in Europe as analysts say. This will reduce a combustion engine having 2000 moving parts to high tech engine with only 20 moving parts. Its said that Tesla is alreday into EV manufacturing that has several gigafactories into operation and has a plant in Shangai which was constructed within a year. Its also been said another factory is nearing completion in the Berlin area Germany while VW is going to start its construction in Salzgitter which will take upto 2 years for completion. VW has converted half its production unit into labs and piolet line for research and test. It plans to construct a brand new facility right next to it which could produce upto 6,00,000 battries a year and is expected to cost upto 2.5 billion dollars. It has not finalised its design but it will look similar to a factory located in Sweden owned by a battery supplier Northvolt in which VW is a major investor there. Thomas Schmall CEO of VW’s Component division is incharge of this and within their labs they are trying to figure out what kind of batteries its electric vehicle would use. Also they are testing if they could reuse old batteries and are experimenting with next generation solid state batteries which do not contain liquid lithium so it gives faster charging and greater mileage.

This may require lots of new people of different background to work together like Electrochemists or developer’s as Ev’s need so much software and VW is to become one of the the largest tech companies in Europe. Due to this change, VW has made cuts on staffing globally. In 2019, the company has slashed approximately 7000 jobs over 5 years and by 2016 it has given early retirement for nearly 23000 employees. The stakes are quiet high and it is making some environmental regulations around the world. Inorder to bring back its name, the decade old company is stepping forward for new developments and is going to contribute to a pollution free environment.

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