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Twitter Says Goodbye To The Fav Button

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  • November 4, 2015

Twitter replaces favorites by likes.

For a moment, Twitter is testing the replacement of the “Favorites” button (the little star next to the Retweet, for those who have never used) by Like, symbolized by a small heart. We all thought this test the microblogging platform would not go far.

Yet today, Twitter officially announced the change on his blog: now, so you will not see the little star on Windows, Android, iOS and the web version of Twitter since it will be replaced by a small heart.


In his post, Twitter said that the “heart” can express more emotions and to better connect with people. During his tests, users would have appreciated this new interaction. And regarding the “Favorites” button, Twitter says it wants to replace it because it can sometimes cause confusion, especially among new users. The Like button or heart not only affect Twitter (and TweetDeck) since it will be also implemented on the application of Vine videos. And as a reminder, Twitter was already using the same system on its live streaming platform Periscope. After that, no one knows yet how Twitter users will react to this change. But some have begun to give their opinions.


I presume que’en adopting this more universal symbol, Twitter hope it will attract more new users and there will be more interaction between users.
Otherwise, there’s just a few days, Twitter also launched a feature that allows its users to post polls.


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