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Truecaller revamps its app

Truecaller announced that it has revamped their iOS and Android application and added host of features in it.

Truecaller is well know caller identification service provider who as been market leader and which has become one of the default app on most the smartphone users. The app helps in identifying a caller by their number. Many time we get calls from unknown callers with wrong intention. The app helps in identifying them so the calls can be ignored or blocked or even reported on the app. The new features will add enhancement to the application and user experience.

On Wednesday Truecaller announced that have revamped their existing app for iOS and Android users globally. The company has unified some of the services including calls history, SMS and instant messaging under single tab. They have also introduced lots of new features like screen caller ID and Smart SMS functionality which would help user to sort messages into four different groups.

Talking about the redesigning of the app Sandeep Patil, Managing Director, Truecaller said in a statement, “Communication in 2020 is easier in many ways, but also complicated by the vast amount of ways to connect with people and information. There is a need to streamline this experience, we believe. In recent years we have seen how Truecaller has become your communication hub where all spam – calls, and SMS – is identified and there is no need to switch between different apps for calls and messages. With this update, we want to make it even easier for our users to have streamlined communication.”

“At a time when we should be working to support each other in unity, it is unfortunate to see many scammers and fraudsters trying to capitalize on these difficult times. For over a decade now, Truecaller has been the main line of defense against such activity,” he added.

Here are the key features of TrueCaller

Home tab for all calls and messages in one place
The new app has all the calls and messages under single tab under Home tab. USers can start a conversation or make call with single click, Just like how is was being used on other messaging application

SMS has an important tab for all need-to-know messages
Now all the sms will be segregated under its group to easy access.

Full-screen caller ID
Instead of pop-ups, the users will get to see Full-Screen caller ID, which will enable them to see who’s calling along with some information about the caller. The Caller ID will use different colours to alert the user about the kind of call it is: If the colour is blue, the call is from contacts and unknown numbers, If purple, it is from businesses or delivery services and if the colour is red then it is from spammers, and if the colour is gold, it is from users with upgraded Gold accounts.

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