Toyota continues its permanent commitment to the technology

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  • March 29, 2017

The Japanese brand continues its commitment to innovation, which includes novelties for vehicles and for society: connected car, ecology and even help in the face of natural phenomena. Toyota continues its permanent commitment to the technology

Toyota is still immersed in its process of continuous renewal. In which it beats very strong by the technology. The Japanese brand aims to strengthen the creation of intelligent social mobility. In favour of developing new products and services that adapt to the future. They have already taken the first steps of car-sharing in their alliance with Get around.

To do this, they have now reached an agreement with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone. In which they will standardise elements in the connected vehicle. Thereby starting to build a solid base of elements needed for it. Both companies intend to share technology, experience and data to develop the tools together.

This is intended to reduce traffic accidents and traffic jams mainly. Finally invent elements that give drivers information and services. To know the data of the interior and exterior environment of the vehicle and the road.

Toyota continues its permanent commitment to the technology

In addition, they are investigating new ways to combat the damages caused by natural disasters, created following the earthquake that struck Tohoku on March 11, 2011. From the social contribution to the social economy, they wanted to help. But the new project arrives away and tries to reduce potential consequences based on technology.

One of the main premises is to get electricity, necessary to combat the cold. And to provide energy to all rescue activities. For this reason, they have tried to include new batteries, means of charging and saving of electricity in all their new models.

One of them has been seen in the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid, with its plug-in hybrid system, which saves fuel and has a greener, more oil-independent and more efficient driving. Another is the Fuel Cell of the Toyota Mirai, a vehicle that moves with hydrogen.

The process began with electric vehicles, followed by the Fuel Cell with electric generation and finally the plug-in hybrid system, which has self-sufficient solar electric generation. Everything, it meets in a Japanese national program that tries to take advantage of all these tools in case of emergency.

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