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Top best extensions for Chrome in 2017

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  • March 18, 2017

The official store Chrome extensions over 65,000 plugins. That is a lot, and sometimes difficult to determine what is a necessary for you. Extensions let you greatly increase the functionality of the browser, you can save documents and interesting pages in the cloud to improve privacy, block ads, and more. Some of the top best extensions for Chrome in 2017.

In this article, we will look at the best extensions for Chrome 2017. After reading this article you are sure to be able to choose for themselves a few useful plugins. All extensions are arranged in a random order, it is not rated, and all of them are worthy of your attention.

Here are the some Top best extensions for Chrome in 2017:

RSS Subscription

Many users do not have enough opportunities subscription to RSS feeds in Google Chrome. This extension will help to correct this problem. On Chrome panel will be placed subscription button and you can set up any online RSS reader to work with it.


This extension allows you to display the weather at the touch of a button. You can set your location to a more accurate forecast. The unit is also configured.


PushBullet – is an extension that allows you to integrate Android smartphone with your computer. You can get Android or iOS notifications right in the browser, as well as an exchange of media and other content to your phone.


We found a beautiful font on a site and want to know what it’s called? This extension will allow to define any web font, hover the cursor over it enough.


Trouble when you try to select text and copy it to a particular site and the context menu does not open. This problem is solved by the extension of RightToCopy, you can now right click and copy the text.


Extensions for ad blocking is not for nothing gained such popularity. Many sites place too many advertisements and even so that it overlaps the content of the site. It is very uncomfortable. Initially, popular AdBlock scored, but then it was developed another, improved extension – AdGuard. In addition to ad-blocking is a function of protection against malicious websites and phishing, it is also supported by video lock.

Full Page Screen Capture

Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions.



If you used to have hundreds of open tabs in a single window, you will be very useful for this extension. It’s a bad habit, because that the browser takes a lot of memory. Expansion preserves all of the tabs but saves tab.

Tabs Outliner

Another extension for grouping and sorting tabs. Inactive tabs do not use memory. Just drag the desired tab to make it active.

The Great Suspender

Expansion of The Great Suspender puts unused tabs in a sleep mode to reduce the memory consumption of the browser. You can do it manually or set the sleep mode after time. Tabs are saved even after you restart the browser.


This extension will be useful to developers. With it, you can reset the cache only for a specific page, disable the Cookie, JavaScript, CSS, forms, images, and adjust the resolution and display options, and more.


Sometimes you need to save video from any website or download music from the social network. With this extension, you can download the video will be done in a few clicks.


Allow spelling mistakes is easy. Most people do not care about this, but you will do better impression if you can avoid them. Grammarly – this is the best extension for the chrome, which allows you to check the spelling in social networks, email, forums and other input fields.


In this article, we looked at the best extensions for google chrome 2017. You will definitely choose something for yourself in this list, as there are extensions for everyone, and for most purposes. And what extension you use? What would be worth adding to the list? Write in the comments!

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