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  • March 24, 2017

A list of new Android games that will be updated in google play store. Top Android Games with addictive, interactive games listed here.

Titan Attacks!

Combat with extraterrestrials, bombers and mothers ships bosses in more than 5 worlds and 100 levels. This game is based on the classic arcade but with new features. New strategies and better visual representations of the neo-retro style.



The story began in a small town where horrific deaths have occurred in unexplained circumstances. Police have tried to hide the facts, but information has been infiltrated. Your goal is to try to understand what has happened there and discover the truth.

Return State

ReturnState is a 2D sci-fi sprites platform game where you will be a hero with the task of saving a planet that was invaded by the evil General Tork and his army of alien monsters. You can only go back to things are what they were.

Little Cells

Launch a cell against another of the same colour to make it disappear if the cell bounces against a cell of a different colour will create a new cell of a third colour. In the game, too, the cells age, become sick and try to spread and contaminate the entire system, but there are white cells that try to help cure this disease before it is too late.

Legend of Xeno

Play as an adventurous Xeno wizard, solve puzzles of different levels of difficulty.


Dr Cadavery has been murdered, and your mission with Miss Amapola, Colonel Rubio, Mr Prado, Dr Orchid and Professor Mora is to find out who the killer is. For this, you must throw the dice, move around the room, ask questions, check the virtual track sheet to take notes and discard false leads.

RPS Knights

Play the classic stone, paper or scissors but this time using a row of soldiers to which you must add with which form of the three will face the enemy. The game has 2 modes: in the campaign mode, you must fight with as many soldiers as you can gather. In challenge mode you have to hit as many opponents as possible with your fixed number of soldiers.

Beat Racer

Perform races with spectacularly designed cars, on 3D roads where you have to pick up the musical notes of an electronic song and go dodging obstacles.

Guards 3D

Control a team of 4 heroes posting the best strategy of turns. To defeat your enemies you can put in the front of attack 3 heroes and let the fourth regain his health. The moment he joins the battle returns with a super attack.

Atomic Super Lander

Pilot a spaceship and destroy as many asteroids as possible before they crash into the ground. Once you destroy asteroids you can collect achievement cards to build an interactive house of cards. Also, compete against other players on the leaderboards.

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