Top addictive android games in 2017

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  • March 20, 2017

Top addictive android games that you will never come out of the game, if you start playing this games. Top addictive android games in 2017

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Implosion – Never Lose Hope is graphically and playfully an outstanding action game for Android. In the style of Devil May Cry or God of War you have to beat your opponents.

You play a fighter equipped with swords and firearms, which must prove itself against mutants in different worlds. The control and the atmosphere give little cause for criticism. No matter if you just want to hit it or use combinations of attacks: Implosion is fun.

The graphics are pretty much the best you’ll find for Android and the boss fights are simply stunning. Only the first levels are free. After that the game hits 9.99 euros to book, which is definitely worth the game.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is not a new game in the Play Store, but it is still one of the best action games. The game combines an endless runner with a shooter game and you have to fight through herds of zombies.

On the way, you will find various crates that will give you weapons to kill the zombies. Among other things, a well-known weapon against zombies: the chainsaw. The game is available free of charge in the Play Store, but also offers in-game purchases.


Hitman: Sniper

Square Enix’s Hitman series was a great success on the PC and the console and now the games are also landed on the smartphones and tablets. Hitman: Sniper finds you behind the sniper rifle of the protagonist, with whom you have to fulfill your orders. For the price of currently 0.99 euro there are about 150 missions and thus delivers a really solid performance for the price. With in-app purchases, there are better weapons that allow you to move faster in the game.

Shadowfight 2

Shadowfight 2 is a 1-on-1 fantasy combat game with life-like movements, catchy control, and lots of weapons. It is relatively slow for a fight game. Strategy is at least as important as clash Reactions: Keep the nerves despite little remaining life energy and attack. This alone should make you sweat. It has become a free offline classic.


Roll the ball

Roll the ball is a puzzle game where you must find the solution using physics and technology. At least you have to plan your individual steps. This is how you train your concentration and attention. If you like this challenge, this is the game for you.

The goal of the game is to move the ball into the “goal”. To do so, you must place the blocks so that the ball can roll through the tube. The red and blue blocks can not be moved. All other blocks, whether with tube section or without, can be moved. Keep in mind that sometimes not every tube section has to be used. So be creative and find the way to the goal.

If the individual levels are successful, the number of blocks increases. Over time, you can use the bonus games to try out different tips that can help you get lost in moments of perplexity. These can also be obtained by looking at advertising videos. The only criticism: If you do not buy the Pro version, after every third level an advertisement pop-up appears.

Cut the Rope 2

Another favorite of the editor: Cut the Rope 2. In this game you have to feed a small creature called Om Nom with sweets. Cut the rope at the right moment – to English: Cut the Rope.

This free-to-play game is colorful and playful. The puzzles are quite clever and challenging. Over time, the game becomes more difficult. The entrance is always easy, so it is an opportunity.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

As the name suggests, The Walking Dead: Road to Survival was the comic book of the same name and the serial godfather. In this game, you must build a new civilization by building new workshops, training camps and courtyards.

Outside your base, there are different missions and forays. The former are made up of fixed tasks, which are borrowed from the story. In the expeditions, you fight online against other players for recognition and supplies.

The biggest drawback of the game is surely the pay-to-win character, which is very noticeable after the first game hours. The game is already enough fun to make a recommendation.

Alto’s Adventure

Among the endless runners, Alto’s Adventure is one of the most influential games of the past few years. The game principle is simple: Alto guard a few lamas in the Andes, but they break out. You follow them on your snowboard over an always newly generated runway. The operation is, on the other hand, very simple: you tap to jump to the display and hold the touch to execute a reverse toggle. The snowboard descent is over when you do not get up properly after a jump or are stopped by a rock or a ravine.

The influence of Alto’s Adventure was great, because you always have three missions that you have to fulfill to climb a level. Time you have to collect 50 coins, sometimes a certain distance. All ten levels will unlock your new snowboarders, which differ from their driving style. Then you can hunt not only Alto but also with Maya, Izel and some more over the slopes.

If you like Endless-Runner, you should have played Alto’s Adventure. The app is free, but offers a one-time in-app purchase, with which you always double the number of coins. In addition, you can watch a video to revive Alto, Maya, Izel & Co. and continue the run.


Vector is strongly reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge from 2008. The character moves in Parkour-Style through a world led by a totalitarian state; in this case, however, in FIG. 2D. The animations are nevertheless magnificent and the movements of the character look realistic. The focus is more on the pure survival than on the collection of rare objects. Jumping from lead to lead has rarely felt so good.

Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions includes all the famous Marvel heroes. Fight your way to the top and unlock more and more heroes. The exact control makes the game the best fight game for Android. Simple wiping on the screen activates a whole series of different attacks; Much more comfortable than annoying buttons on the screen.

The game requires a certain hardware to guarantee smooth play. But even on older hardware it is quite playable. The game is available free in Play Store, but includes in-game purchases.


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