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Tesla’s Powerball Will Fuel Homes Soon

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  • December 11, 2015


Tesla’s much talked about Powerwall is about to hit the market

From late this year the battery that can power your entire house will be made available, a move that will see Tesla Energy make a firm stamp with the Powerwall and Powerpack in around the globe.

Tesla energy is an expansion of Tesla Motors’ move to revolutionalise our relationship with clean and renewable energy and make such power more available to humanity.


Photo: Tesla

The Powerwall will work in a similar way to the battery in the Model S car within its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

If your house is already decked out with solar panels, the Powerwall with enable you to store the excess energy for use at a later time. This effectively means you can take your home completely off grid. You can also utilise stored power at night.

The Tech

The standard Tesla model is the 7kWh Powerwall but they will also be selling a beefier 10kWh Powerwall as well.  The Powerpack however groups powerful 100kWh battery blocks for anywhere from 500kWh to upwards of 10MWh.

An end to fossil fuels just took a step closer

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