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Symptoms of a Virus Infected Smartphone

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  • April 15, 2017

Our operating systems are usually safe, but the threat is always there. Our smartphone are manufactured to connect the outside world. Even though it is the major advantage for the user, it also opens the way for hazards to malfunction the devices. Also Finding the virus on phone, Symptoms of a Virus Infected Smartphone

How to know if your smartphone is infected

The symptom is very diverse to find the virus on phone. If it is a common virus then your device will identify it. Most of the malware that we can find is going to get chopped up by advertising tools. The usual thing is to have ads that we do not know where they came from.

There are four very clear symptoms of a virus on phone or we have malware that we do not control:

Advertising in the notification bar. This also can be produced by some normal applications, so the malware takes advantage of it so you do not suspect.


If you visit some pages and you do not get where you were supposed to go you may be affected. Sometimes it is the website itself that is affected and takes advantage of its traffic to direct it to another part.

Excessive use of internet connections

If you suddenly magically upload the volume of data you download or upload to the internet, you suspect.

Excessive use of the battery

If in battery consumption you have an application that spends more power than you should very possibly be doing things you should not.

Symptoms of a Virus Infected Smartphone

Types of viruses or malware

The human race is characterised by an unlimited imagination, both for good and bad. Criminals are always thinking of a new method to take advantage of others’ things with little effort. There are many types of malware, viruses or worms and its okay to have an idea of everything there is:


This is the typical advertising, not dangerous but of course is a nuisance.


Steal information from your device. It does not usually produce a malfunction because it tries to go unnoticed. Booty is often your passwords with which you can later get extorted.


It is the ads that frighten us that we have the infected terminal or something similar so that we accept permissions, click on a link or download a software.


They often look like police notices and are quite dangerous as many blocks the device. To release them ask for a sum of money. After payment of the amount usually, nothing happens and the device stays the same.


It is a malware that is introduced into the device without raising suspicion to later introduce more malware.


From the English ‘worm’. It is capable of replication and copying on other devices. Like the typical emails that come from someone infected. They usually seek a monetary reward.


Therefore, there is a various kind of virus on phone.

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