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Sony’s new smart earpiece that can talk to you

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  • February 22, 2016

Sony's new smart earpiece that can talk to you

Sony’s new smart earpiece that can talk to you

Sony appears to have taken a leaf out of Hollywood’s book with its new Bluetooth earpiece bearing an uncanny resemblance to one worn by Joaquin Phoenix in Her.

The new device is part of Sony’s plan to get us all “looking up” a little more, as it reads notifications, reminders and other key information from your phone directly into you ear, removing the need to look down at your mobile.

Anyone who’s seen the future-set film starring Phoenix will certainly see the similarities with the ear piece he wears throughout the movie.

The Ear also has a built-in microphone so voice commands can be used to make, answer and return calls and messages. Its case also doubles as the charger.

There’s no set date for when the Ear will become available – Sony has only said “summer 2016” – but anyone interested can register for updates on the Sony website.

It’s not a concept restricted to movies and Sony either, with Motorola releasing a Bluetooth earpiece of their own – the Moto Hint – but it still remains a niche product.

Sony has only said the device will be available from ‘summer 2016′ (Sony)

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