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Sony drops PS4 price by $50 to $349.99

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  • October 15, 2015

PS4_Nathan_Drake-590x330The beginning of October signals the start of the rush to sell as many products as possible in the run up to Christmas. We’ll soon start seeing festive adverts on TV and in stores, lots of movie and game releases hitting the shelves, and hardware manufacturers pushing their latest and greatest as hard as they can. Sony is one of those companies, and in a bid to sell millions more PlayStation 4 it is dropping the price by $50 starting October 9.

The table Sony has released below shows you the difference the price drop makes to a number of bundles:


A PS4 with the three games in The Nathan Drake Collection for $350 is very good value, and you can expect retailers will drop that price even further if given the opportunity.

Just as important as the value on offer is that once again Sony is matching the Xbox One on price, as Microsoft’s console already sells for between $350-$400 depending on the bundle. The Xbox One isn’t as far behind the PS4 as it was at launch in terms of performance, but it’s still a distant second to Sony’s market-leading console. This price adjustment by Sony will make catching up that much harder if it’s possible at all now.

It seems unlikely Microsoft will respond with a further Xbox One price cut before the end of the year. It makes more sense now to focus on the games, the backwards compatibility feature, and promote the Xbox One as the entertainment platform you want under your TV this Christmas. Then regroup for 2016. An Xbox One slim model for sub $300 would go down well with gamers next year.

I’m pretty sure we’ll see a PS4 and Xbox One offered for $329.99 by some retailer before Christmas, though.

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