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Some tips for designing your blog

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  • November 7, 2016

The design of your blog is one of the most important aspects for bloggers because everyone wants to have their blog as attractive as possible. So now we are going to show a series of design concepts so that you work and can improve on that aspect. Here are some tips for designing your blog

Some tips for designing your blog - Techfury

How can you improve the design of your blog?


Some tips for designing your blog

Use suitable colours: All colours have positive but also negative meanings. It is essential that depending on the topic that your blog is the right colour is used.


Simplifying the design: It is advisable to use a minimum number of colours. Because a number of colours, buttons or sections on your blog can hide some information and confuse the visitor chart.

Contents Easy to read: While posting one must ensure that the content is readable for everyone sources like the design has to be adapted according to the device. It is your content should be the responsive page and correctly readable on both computers, tablet and mobile phones.

Choose suitable background: The background is also an important part of the design, there are many bloggers who use background images that attract but that suppress the content or information. The background should use mild colours and that allows visitors to read the content completely without any distraction.

Image usability: For images, we use in the head or the body section of our blog we have to pay close attention to quality and size, smaller image as gets stretch are to pixelate. Images are an important part of the blog as quickly capture the attention of visitors.

The quality of content: Content playing a major role in a blog, visitors searching for good content that makes them be benefited. We have to convey our message with informative and elaborate what visitors searching for.

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