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Snapchat launches sunglasses with video camera

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  • September 27, 2016
Snapchat launches sunglasses with video camera_TechFury

Snapchat launches sunglasses_TechFury

Snapchat launches glasses with the video camera up instantly

Snapchat social network will change its corporate name to Snap Inc. and introduce some sunglasses called “Spectacles”, capable of recording videos. The company said it will change its name because it now has more than one product, but said the app will continue with the name Snapchat.

They are the first hardware developed by the company based in Los Angeles. They engrave glasses called “circular video”, which means that reproduces in full screen on any device and in any orientation.

And once recorded the video, it can be transferred wirelessly to your smartphone and share it via Snapchat there. A front light will warn other road users that the camera is recording the Spectacles. The battery of the device will last up to a whole day, according to the company.

With the ‘Spectacles‘ can record up to 30 seconds of video, which can be uploaded immediately Snapchat through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, and cost $ 129.99. The lenses are a limited edition of one size and come in three colors: black, green blue and coral.

The main novelty is wearing a built with a camera lens 115 degrees that can record image and it is automatically published in the “Memories” (Memories) section Snapchat.

The video can be recorded Spectacles full screen both horizontally and vertically, circularly as shown format:

Snapchat launches sunglasses_TechFury

“We believe that reinventing the camera improve our greatest chance to boost the manner people live and communicate.” says Snap Inc. on its website.

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