Self-balancing motorcycle Honda is able to follow the owner

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  • February 8, 2017
Self-balancing motorcycle Honda

At the international consumer electronics exhibition – «CES 2017″ in Las Vegas, Honda introduced the Moto Riding technology Assist, which won three awards. Self-balancing motorcycle Honda is able to follow the owner

Self-balancing motorcycle

With their own unique developments from the field of robotics, the Honda has created a self-balancing bike that can maintain an upright position, even at rest.

Self-balancing motorcycle Honda is able to follow the owner

In contrast to the development of other companies who rely on heavy use of gyroscopes, as a result, affect the driving style, the Honda engineers use a different approach.

Riding Assist is an electronic power steering (Drive-by-Wire) system in which the steering handle is not directly controlled by turning the motorcycle, and are connected to a host computer, which turns the front fork with the help of actuators. The system is activated at low speed (about five kilometres per hour or less), and begins to monitor the balance of the bike, catching a motorcycle balance “steer”.

Also, the computer changes the angle of the front fork, which allows you to control the centre of gravity of the motorcycle. As a motorcyclist and turn the handles of the body tilt system determine the required manoeuvres and execute it, and Riding Assist is able to keep the balance of the bike standing still and can independently manage a motorcycle, which follows the owner.

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