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Samsung’s 360-degree camera is out

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  • April 29, 2016

Samsung's 360-degree camera is out

Samsung’s 360-degree camera is out

The Gear 360, Samsung’s 360-degree camera announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, is set to go on-sale on Friday, but only in Korea and Singapore.

In fact, much mystery remains around when or even if the camera will reach the US – a price for the device is still yet to be confirmed either. There have suggestions the device could stay in limited markets.


There’s been plenty of hype and excitement around the Gear 360, which enables users to capture both video and stills using the twin fish-eye lenses built into the device.

It also fits into Samsung’s steadily growing virtual reality efforts, as content created using the camera can then be viewed using the firm’s Gear VR headset, which launched at the end of last year.

LG is also releasing a 360 camera, and has a VR headset in the pipeline too, while platforms such as Facebook and YouTube already support the sharing of 360 videos and images. The platform is likely to continuing growing in the coming months as more users get hold of the cameras, and virtual reality headsets to go with them.

It appears that wait will be a little longer yet though, at least in relation to the Gear 360.

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