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Samsung Galaxy X and smartphone foldable device

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  • April 13, 2017

In the next great revolution in technology and gadgets for personal use are flexible devices preferred? It seems to be a dream “just around the corner”. Gadgets or device that can be folded or that worn adopted to the body or in the clothing itself for flexibility. These are the things somewhat we expected further. And all it’s set to come from the team of Samsung. The Korean giant group makes screens and explained that flexible or foldable gadgets that will not arrive until 2019. Since today that Samsung released its first foldable smartphone (Galaxy X) before of 2017 to be sold in 2018. Samsung Galaxy X and smartphone foldable device.

Samsung smartphone foldable device

This information is officially announced from the chief engineer of Samsung Display named Kim Tae-Woong. And it is published by the Korean newspaper Korean Times. He explained that “folded OLED screens can be launched in 2019.” The statements were made at a meeting hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA). Samsung executive noted that “it has taken 10 years to get rigid OLED panels to become the industry standard for the screen. Flexible and curved OLEDs also needed the same amount of time. The collapsible OLEDs will be celebrating their 10th anniversary by 2019 and the technology will mature by then. ”

Samsung Galaxy X

Of course, the engineer’s statements do not completely contradict past rumours that Samsung’s foldable smartphone Galaxy X could be introduced before the end of the year. These rumours said that the smartphone folding would be presented in 2017 to be marketed in very limited units from 2018.

According to the information, a spokesman for Samsung Display points out that “Samsung Electronics. As our customer gives us specific screen requirements such as brightness, colour volume. And how many times the screen can be folded. Then we can begin to produce the products under these specifications. So it’s Samsung Electronics who will determine when and how we will launch a folding screen.”

Thus, it will be Samsung who decides the quality and resistance that must have these first folding screens before being commercialized; And although it is true that probably this is not until 2019, it is hard to believe that the company does not want to surprise and be the first to unveil its smartphone fold before another competitor like LG.

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