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Reason for Samsung Note 7 Explosion

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  • October 24, 2016

The reason for Samsung Note 7 explosion is batteries entering the smartphone become perfect, the lithium that a current flows into the electrolyte in an aqueous solution between the anode and the cathode to repeat charge and discharge. Body-like battery cells inside the battery room (cell), and is divided into cathode and anode in the cell membrane. Through the fine pores of the membrane to the lithium ions are driving principle for generating a voltage while crossing the positive and negative electrodes.


However, if a defective membrane met the components of the positive electrode and the negative electrode may cause an explosion. The explosions also turned out to be caused due to contact with the anode and the cathode membrane defects.

Reason for Samsung Note 7 Explosion

Samsung team said “Overall, confirming results due to slight variations in the cell manufacturing process was discovered when the encounter a cathode and an anode” and “plates between the anode and cathode inside the battery cell depression symptoms and insulation shrinkage of the tape drying process it was confirmed that the combination of the action that caused the problem”. They added, “battery last part of the state, expand Battery cell processing cell will Coming up toward the very few dogs vulnerable to get to the bottom of the larger probability to receive the current stress (force trying cohesion to resist external forces),” they said.

As a result, critics around the world No.1 smartphone maker Samsung Electronics sold a lack of quality control that seems hard to avoid. However, the industry is, in fact, Samsung SDI believes caused the problem in the quantities assembled in Chinese factories. The strike is expected to reliability problems caused by Samsung SDI in the Membrane, which can be directly connected to the ignition.

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