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Play Ms Pac-Man on Google Maps to celebrate April’s Fools

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  • April 1, 2017

The April Fools ‘Day, English April Fools’ Day, is a party dedicated to pranks held on April 1. Although it is different from December 28 or Day The Holy Innocents, are also joking around the world. Today you have to be careful what you read on websites from around the globe since most take the opportunity to sneak some jokes. Play Ms Pac-Man on Google Maps to celebrate April’s Fools.


In Google, taking advantage of April 1 in some parts of the world, they have not been able to resist and this very Friday afternoon. They started to celebrate the April Fools by activating a surprise in their Google Maps: play with Ms Pac-Man.

Play Ms Pac-Man on Google Maps

If you happen to see Pac-Man star in an April’s Fools, that’s because he did exactly two years ago. On March 31, 2015, Google added a modality to its Google Maps geolocation system in the style of the video game that allows the classic Pac-Man to use the streets as the maze of the game, selecting a specific city in the search engine. Today the search engine repeats the move again Google Maps, only adding to MS Pac-Man.

Available on all systems, in order to play Miss Pac-Man on your mobile. You just have to open the Google Maps app on your smartphone and give it the pink button that comes out on the right. But unlike the 2015 joke, this time you will not ghosts on the same street, but this Ms Pac-Man takes you to a random spot in the world and gives you 5 lives to eat all the coconuts. But quietly there is a way to choose the area in which to play, and that is by opening a place in Google Maps in a PC browser and giving the bottom button that puts, as could not be otherwise speaking of one of the Arcades par excellence, “Insert a coin”.

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