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Opera browser to offer more security

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  • September 24, 2015

opera-updates-windows-linux-mac-browser-plethora-new-featuresOpera gets counted among major multi-platform Internet browsers for many of its features. With the new update, its developer has added a bunch more for making it more popular.

For example, the latest Opera will offer a new bookmark tree view along with password synchronization options. For adding a dash of fun, the browser will also come with animated themes. Apart from that, the Opera browser will bundle a SurfEasy VPN download option along with more privacy, convenience, and personalisation options.

With the new update, Opera will offer you several privacy features in a less complex manner. For example, when you open a private window, or a security badge in the address field, you will find a link to download SurfEasy, a VPN service owned by Opera. It allows you to surf the web safely, privately and anonymously, from anywhere in the world.

The new update will also offer sync options with addition of password synchronization. Select “Passwords” in the new settings panel, and log in to your service accounts across different computers.

If you have a lot of bookmarks, grouped in different folders, the new bookmark tree view is something you will appreciate. The bookmark tree is available either from the drop-down menu or from the side panel in the bookmark manager. It allows you to maintain, create and view the structure of your bookmarks easily.

f you like static background themes, you will definitely love animated ones. Having a fireplace, or other short video as your Speed Dial background gives your browser even more of a personal touch. You can even create your own animated themes and submit it to our theme catalog.

The Opera is a free to download browser for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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