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On October 12, you can grab a OnePlus 2 without an invite – if you’re quick

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  • October 10, 2015


If you’re looking to pick up a OnePlus 2 right now, you’ll need an invite for the opportunity to buy one, but the company is ready to open it up to the public – for a short moment.

On Monday October 12 the phone will be available invite-free for an hour. OnePlus put the news up on the forums with a message stating it’ll be on sale at noon in the HKT, CEST and PDT timezones.

There’s no specific word on the UK yet – we’ve reached out to OnePlus for an update – but it seems we may have to try at 11AM with the rest of Europe.

You’ll be able to order two phones per transaction and you can order as many times as you want. However, be warned: the system has crashed pretty fast when OnePlus has attempted these flash sales in the past.

All are welcome

OnePlus has also announced a media event for October 12 in India. The invites come with a quote from CEO Pete Lau that says the announcement will “reiterate the relevance of the Indian market in the OnePlus growth story and announce The Next Big Step.”

That next big step is unclear right now, but rumours suggest it may be the OnePlus X – that’s the miniature handset we’re expecting from the company before the end of the year.

Launching a cheaper device in a location which already has a good market share is a smart idea for OnePlus, and it seems to be taking the opportunity to scoop up even more money in the emerging market.

This news does suggest the OnePlus X won’t be coming to western markets – all will be revealed on Monday.

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