Nokia yet To Release Two Android Phones In 2017

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  • January 27, 2017
Nokia yet To Release Two Android Phones In 2017

Nokia yet To Release Two Android Phones In 2017

Nokia’s return to the mobile space is now under way with the Nokia 6. But this is just the beginning. Nokia yet To Release Two Android Phones In 2017.
In this year 2017, is the year Nokia returns to the smartphone world hopefully triumphantly. Nokia’s deal with Microsoft has now expired, to the firm can once again launch its own devices with its own branding onboard.

Nokia yet To Release Two Android smartphones

It won’t be Lumia or Windows Phone anymore, what we’re looking at is Android all the way. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Nokia is BACK!

While Microsoft might be gone, Nokia isn’t without partners in this endeavour, although partners aren’t exactly the right word. Nokia is now OWNED by HMD, another Finnish company.
Nokia is known around the world for its history of innovation, including in mobile phones. When the new home of Nokia phones, HMD will rule the next chapter for these products. HMD plans for its future Nokia branded smartphones and tablets to run on the Android operating system. Creating world’s iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile software and app development community.

Nokia yet To Release new smartphone

HMD Global has issued an announcement in a press release of their plans with Nokia in 2017. And there is confirmation of new handsets arriving next year. The company stated that “new Nokia smartphones on the Android operating system [will be] available in H1 2017.
Nokia has confirmed that it will release two Android phones inside early 2017. Previous rumours pointed to a launch during Q4 2016, but this didn’t occur.

Officially Nokia is planning a smartphone revival in 2017. However, the news doesn’t change the fact that the revival of the Nokia brand will still be a licensing partnership under the guidance of HMD.

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