New thumb insurance has been launched

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  • March 30, 2016

New thumb insurance has been launched

New thumb insurance has been launched

Financial protection is available for those overworked digits.

Jennifer Lopez is believed to have insured her bum for $27 million. And Taylor Swift’s famous pins were allegedly insured for $40 million. And now it seems professional gamers, too, can insure their body parts (maybe not for those staggering amounts).

Gaming retailer Game is offering financial protection for gamers’ thumbs. The firm says its new Game Thumb Insurance will provide gamers with protection against accidental damage, malicious damage and travel cover.

In addition to that, the retailer is also offering Thumbshields – cushions to protect those digits during heavy gaming sessions.


Professional gamer Ty Walton wearing Thumbshields (Game)

“Our thumbs go through a lot every day – cooking, exercising, writing, and plenty more,” said Fred Prego, marketing and insight director at Game.

“As a company of gamers, we worry enough about our own thumbs, so if it was our source of income – like it is for many of our customers – then it would be even more important.

“eSports is an integral part of our business and we often have competitions in our stores and even here at Game HQ.


Ty says he is pleased to see there is protection available for thumbs (Game)

“Like all sports, it comes with the risk of injury. We have found that a good warm-up can reduce the number of sore thumbs, but for avid gamers they might need to take further precaution!”

Professional Fifa player Ty Walton said he was happy to see gamers can now get some form of protection.

“As my career in the professional gaming world continues to rise, my dependence on my thumbs is increasing,” he said. “In the past, I’ve seen musicians insure their hands, footballers insure their legs – why not thumbs?”

Game Thumb Insurance starts from £3 a month, while Thumbshields cost £9.99 in selected stores, but free when bought with Thumb Insurance.

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