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Love, anger and shock: Facebook allows you to ‘react’ to posts

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  • October 14, 2015

The social media site has finally answered it’s users’ prayers – but instead of a “Dislike” button, they’ve given us “Reactions”.


Facebook-lovers have been begging for a “Dislike” button for years and, having promised some sort of extension to the “Like” button last month, the social media site has unveiled the new “Reactions”.

The iconic thumbs-up button has now been joined by six different emojis each expressing a different reaction – love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger – enabling users to convey their mood more accurately.


Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing the new buttons unless you live in Ireland or Spain, as Facebook are testing the waters before they launch the emojis globally.

To choose their mood, all  users have to do is hold down on the “Like” button until the little emojis appear, then they’re free to scroll through and pick the one that best depicts their emotion.


Facebook hope Reactions are a better alternative to the heavily requested “Dislike” button as they allow users to express their feelings better, for example when reacting to a tragic event or a celebratory milestone.

There’ll be little trackers underneath the post that will rack up how many of each reaction its received, in a similar way to how “Likes” are counted now.

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