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Install Ubuntu on VirtualBox

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  • September 19, 2015

Have you ever wanted to try Ubuntu but didn’t have a spare computer to run it on? This tutorial will show you how a virtual machine like VirtualBox will let you play with other operating systems without having to change what’s on your computer right now. The tutorial will cover how to install VirtualBox and set up your first virtual machine, show you how to get Ubuntu and prepare for installation, and walk you through an installation of Ubuntu.

Download Ubuntu and Virtual Box

Install Virtual Box on your machine. After Virtual Box is installed. Launch Virutual Box and Creating A New Virtual Machine.


In VirtualBox, click the “New” button to start the virtual machine wizard.


Give your virtual machine a name and select the operating system you’ll be running. Click “Next”. For this example, you’ll be installing Ubuntu.
Type any name in the Name field (such as Ubuntu or Linux). For “Operating System,” choose “Linux.” The version will automatically default to “Ubuntu.” Click “Next” when you’re done.


Select the amount of memory your VM will use and click “Next.” When you chose your operating system in the previous step, VirtualBox automatically recommends the proper amount of memory to use. If you feel this amount isn’t correct, you can move the slider or type a new amount in the box. Click “Create” when you’re done.


Now go ahead and click on Start and turn on the machine.


You will be prompted to select the installation CD. Just navigate to the ISO file which we downloaded Ubuntu and select it.



Once the OS is selected Just click on start to initiate the installation process.


Choose your preferred language and click on Install Ubuntu to proceed further.


Ubuntu will give you a checklist and you will be asked if you need to update during install. Choose your required option and click “Continue”.


Next step will ask you if you want to delete all data and install or create your own partitions from option “Something Else”.


Now just click on Install now to go to next step of installation


Select your time zone from the map, then click “Continue.”


Click “Continue” to keep the default keyboard layout or choose your desired one.


Type your username in the first text box. This will automatically fill in the login name and computer name. Type your password and confirm your password and click “Continue”.


Ubuntu will begin the installation now.


Once installation is complete, click “Restart Now” to finish installation.


Machine will restart and Installed Ubuntu will load from hard disk, provide password to username and login to main window of ubuntu.


Once logged in you will have a fully functionable Ubuntu machine.


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