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Google using search results to promote their own products

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  • January 21, 2017
Google using search results to promote

Google using search results to promote own products

Google using search results to promote their own products for search marketing and internet marketing. Most of the online search used the precious space to power various products including its own Pixel phones. As well as Smart Nest thermostats and smoke detectors, and Android smart watches.

Google using search results

Nest Labs is a Palo Alto, California-based company that manufactures thermostats, smoke detectors, and other home safety products.

It was acquired by Alphabet, Inc. in 2014 for $ 3.2billion. According to the report, every time someone enters a search term in Google related pieces of hardware, announcements of relevant items sold by Google or affiliate Company appear in more prominent on page 91 percent of the time.
After the paper presented the findings of the analysis to Google on December 15, there were fewer ads for its own products. Google said it consciously and carefully designed their advertising features so that not to affect other advertisers.

Google is no different from Microsoft and Facebook since they are all companies that not only offer advertising space for companies that want to falcon their products. But also compete with those same companies for customers.

According to the statistics, Ads that appear above Google’s search results are chosen suitable to an automated auction that the search engine performs in a fraction of a second. The auction determines which ads appear most prominently and how much advertisers pay for advertisers.

The system used by Google has helped to become the largest advertising platform in the world. It is estimated that the company generated $ 79billion last year from ads. Companies that want to promote their products on Google choose the search terms they want to use in their ads.

Once a search for your product is done, Google uses a formula that ranks ads based on their quality, relevancy to the search term, their previous CTR, and their landing page. The higher the quality of the ad, the more likely it will appear in Google’s search results.

Google is paid by advertisers only if users click on ads. Google’s practice of favoring its own product ads in relevant search results has raised doubts about whether it is violating antitrust laws.

Google denied the allegations

“Although Google may be the most widely used search engine, people can now find and access information in many different ways – and the allegations of damages, for consumers and competitors, have proven to be broad brand,” said. Google.

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