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Google seeks to revive Google Earth

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  • April 19, 2017
One of the best applications of Google has received a major update

After two years of its last major update. Google has suddenly presented a major modernization in its tool. It arrives in a timely manner to breathe new life into this abandoned application. Google seeks to revive Google Earth.

For those who have never heard of this application or are not well aware of what is going. Google Earth is basically a program that shows the virtualized planet earth based on satellite photographs available to be explored.

This program was called Earth Viewer 3D and was originally created by Keyhole Inc, who were bought by Google in 2004. To this program we obtained a significant improvement in Google Maps. In addition to the emergence of Street View in this application.

Why is Google Earth relevant?

Basically for education and knowledge in other parts of the world in a totally different way. Being able to interact starting from a geographical perspective, through biodiversity, to the history and contemporary culture of the area. All this through notes or videos created by Wikipedia, BBC, NASA, and the Jane Goodall Institute and up to Sesamo Square.

Ideal for a society that seeks to interact more with content and presents a less retentive care, the application plays perfectly with fresh content.

The jewel of the crown is the web version

The most important part of this update is not smartphones and tablets. If we know the future is on mobile devices. And if not the interesting and renewed arrival of the improved Chrome browser, where the web application works in an extraordinary way when presenting. A very smooth interface, very attractive and above all very intuitive that make anyone able to use it and enjoy the huge content that has been added and updated in this tool.

The best thing is that you do not have to install anything. Everything works from the web page, where with having a stable connection you can browse different places, see the galleries, read the information cards and be able to see the videos that can be displayed inside of it. In short, we see how Google has decided to focus this application on education in a very accessible way.

Is 3D really a new function?

The function of 3D has been available for 2 years, what improves is the way it works, as it now requires fewer resources to function correctly, in addition to that have added more places with this tool, as well as information concerning. To different places to offer a richer and friendlier experience.

Accept suggestions and discover fascinating places

With the functions of Voyager (the logo is a steering wheel) and I feel lucky! (The logo is a given) people can discover different places either randomly or by default. Among many other compilations which are supported by other tools. Such as photo galleries, videos and even virtual tours with Google Street View.

Unpacking a Powerful Tool

At first we commented that Google Earth had been forgotten for 2 years. In fact the version for iOS is still not updated since 2015. Although it still works well, Apple’s own operating system shows the notification that it must be updated or will stop Operate in a short time. It should be remembered that for now the new version of Google Earth is available via web and Android. While for Apple and other web browsers coming soon.

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