Google Maps error demolishes wrong house

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  • March 24, 2016

Google Maps error demolishes wrong house

Google Maps error demolishes wrong house

A demolition company in Texas tore down the wrong house by mistake – and an error in Google Maps could be to blame.

A family home has been reduced to rubble after an unfortunate error that may have been down to Google Maps.

Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter each own a duplex in Rowlett, Texas and had been waiting for repairs to be carried out after tornadoes on December 26 left their homes in tatters. But after a demolition company pulled down their entire building instead of one in a nearby street, there’s nothing left to repair.

Billy L. Nabors Demolition was called out to tear down 7601 Cousteau Drive but accidentally demolished Diaz and Cutter’s property at 7601/7603 Calypso Drive – situated a block away – instead.

“I pull up, and – sure enough – it’s gone,” Diaz told WFFA News.  “There’s nothing left.

“We were geared towards getting the house ready; we were ready. How do you make a mistake like this? I mean, this is just the worst.”

Diaz claims that an employee from the firm contacted her with a screenshot of Google Maps, which shows both addresses appearing in the same spot.

We’ve been looking at the area on Google Maps and it is confusing. We entered ‘7601 Cousteau Drive, Rowlett’ several times and it put the house at two locations.



Alternative mapping sites such as Apple Maps and Mapquest place 7601 Cousteau Drive in the correct place.



Nabors Demolition has yet to officially confirm their employee’s apparent claim that the incident occurred as a result of Google Maps.

But this wouldn’t be the first time GPS errors have had dramatic consequences and certainly not the first property to be mistakenly knocked down thanks to a satnav.

A number of drivers have also blindly followed GPS directions down unsuitable or dangerous routes, with one group of American tourists finding themselves stranded on a Welsh beach and another American becoming a local star after a misprinted address turned a 15-minute drive to his hotel into a six-hour road trip around Iceland.

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