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Is Google making a new live-streaming app

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  • March 24, 2016

Is Google making a new live-streaming app

Is Google making a new live-streaming app

It seems YouTube wants in on mobile live-streaming.

Facebook has Facebook Live, Twitter has Periscope. And apparently Google now wants to get in on the action with its new version of a live-streaming service dubbed YouTube Connect.

Reports suggest Google is building a new app that will, unsurprisingly, function in a way similar to Periscope and Facebook Live and will come with chat and tagging features.

According to an article published on VentureBeat, Google’s live-streaming app will also contain a “news feed” that will showcase all the latest clips from friends as well as people you’ve subscribed to on YouTube.

“You can log into the app using your Google or YouTube account and immediately begin streaming from your mobile phone,” the report says.


Google, however, has already been testing the waters with live-streaming content after unveiling YouTube Gaming last year and while YouTube already supports live video, it is not widely used.

The speculation over YouTube’s potential new platform comes as many social media networks are rushing in to carve a niche in the live-streaming video market as the format continues to rise in popularity.

Google hasn’t made any official statement to confirm its plans about YouTube Connect, but if the rumours are true, the new app could be just what Google needs to get more users to stream spontaneously via YouTube – putting them in direct competition with Periscope, Facebook Live and possibly Meerkat.

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