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Google launches pay-tv with YouTube TV

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  • March 8, 2017
Google launches pay-tv with YouTube TV

This service is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, but also with any television via Google Chromecast. Google launches pay-tv with YouTube TV

Google has launched YouTube TV, its new monthly subscription service for the ‘streaming’ video platform that offers access to television channels to view its live content and recorded programs.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV is currently available in the United States, where it offers access to more than 40 channels. And its live broadcasts, including ABC, CBS, FOX or NBC, regional and local channels. It will also offer broadcasts of sporting events.

This subscription service also offers the ability to record programs, which are stored in the cloud, for later viewing. In addition, you can record several programs at the same time, as Google explains in a statement posted on his blog.


This service is compatible with Android and iOS devices. But also with any television via Google Chromecast, which means that the user can access both live broadcasts and recorded content from anywhere.

The monthly subscription, $ 35, gives access to the service to six users, each with their own, each with their personal settings and their space in the cloud for recorded content.

Instead of competing with DirecTV now on channel selection, it feels like Google is instead pushing the technology side. YouTube TV can have an unlimited cloud DVR, a Google-powered recommendation system, and a far higher backend system than AT&T has been ready to muster.

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