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Google Develops New Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

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  • March 13, 2017

Google reCaptcha

The new Google reCaptcha is a kind of “captcha”, a simple way to differentiate who needs to access the page or a service. A human or robot will access without showing a “challenge” to check their humanity such as mark photos, type letter, etc. In other words it works automatically invisible manner. Google Develops New Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

The idea is interesting at the same time looks disturbing. In some cases it is very practical and will save time. But on the other hand raises some questions about how it does the verification. It is known that the present reCaptcha uses various “invisible” techniques. Such as checking the movements of the mouse or finger when clicking, speed of movement, pauses, precision, scroll and some other activities in a personalized way for each user. If you you do not have to click anywhere. It will be probably be because you are using some of these activities and not others.

This type of techniques opens a new world of strange scenarios in which your computer can decide whether you are a human or robot to use it. There will be usually the option of typing a special password or passing another type of test but there could be situations as strange as those of fingerprint readers. Some may also think of future versions that would prevent you from using devices. Such as mobile phones or car when it comes to sending messages, accessing the bank or moving around. In case the machines detect that you are drunk, enraged or asleep something.

Google Develops New Invisible Web Security Captcha Form

We will have to wait for the next remittance that will surely begin to make the rounds on the network. We can see how it works in its implementation and what rare situations occur. Can any machine overcome the challenges?

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