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Facebook security key

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  • January 31, 2017

Facebook announced a new feature – Users can now access their accounts via electronic key. According to the company, you can register a “physical Facebook security key is an additional form of identification for users who want to protect their data.”

Facebook security key

To enter the social network, the owner of the account you want to insert the drive into a USB-connector, thus confirming his identity. The company notes that this function works faster as compared to other methods of protection account.

There are several other advantages, such as the user does not need to remember and enter the password, that is, it cannot identify the fraudsters. The electronic key can also be used to log in to Google or Dropbox accounts. Now the new feature does not work with all mobile devices, companies are advised to use it in conjunction with other security methods.

Facebook use USB-drive as an electronic key

Safety Specialist Facebook Brad Hill (Brad Hill) said users of social networks on innovation, which is the ability to use a USB-drive as an electronic key.

Like other experts recommends the use of two-factor authentication, which allows you to protect your personal information. Signing in to Facebook you enter your password and additional code that comes to your mobile phone. However, the use of this method does not guarantee the full security of the data.

Instead of having to use the code, you can use the USB-drive, which will be registered as an electronic key. These keys are already available in a variety of companies. Keys used safety standard Universal 2nd Factor (U2F).

Using this key, you are fully protected against phishing, in addition, you can use the same key for the protection of other accounts (Google, Dropbox, GitHub, and Salesforce).

Facebook offers close to key accounts

Social network Facebook announced the introduction of two-factor authentication system based on the use, together with a password hardware tokens.

Facebook security key

Tokens, also called USB-keys are miniature devices connected to the USB-port of the computer to identify the user. This system is widely used in business, however, is almost unknown to ordinary users.

The choice of a protection system of your account will remain for the user, and therefore the purchase token (facebook security key) is optional. But Facebook believes that those who truly cares about the safety of their accounts will appreciate the true innovation.

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