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Chatbots will resolve customer doubts in 2020

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  • February 14, 2017

Operate more than 85% of call centres thanks to artificial intelligence. Chatbots will resolve customer doubts in 2020

Chatbots will become the primary source of consumer information and will operate more than 85% of customer service centres by 2020. According to the world’s leading customer intelligence, interactive marketing and marketing Automation Company.

In fact, in 2016 the use of this variant of information robots or conversation with a real person has resurfaced strongly pointing to an unstoppable trend. “Thanks to their ability to learn and process information in volumes and times that a human could never reach. Chatbots allow brands to be able to know the concerns, consumption habits, needs and behaviour of customers.”

Chatbots will resolve customer doubts in 2020

Currently, this artificial intelligence system not only understands written. But also the spoken language, with its different nuances, such as intonation, rhythms and accents.

“With the information, they provide and combined with the information obtained from other sources, such as cookies and analysis tools, and applying creativity. You can create customised campaigns and communications optimised for customers, users of a brand intervening in the moments of decision. Then purchase of consumers and maximising the results in a more effective way in time. Investment and also managing to create long lasting and satisfactory relations between brand and customer.”

A bot is an artificial intelligence software developed to perform a variety of tasks independently and without the help of a human being. There are three basic types of bots: social, information services and chat or also called chatbots. They all have a common denominator: they have the ability to obtain information about users.

Since its emergence in the business and technological landscape, chatbots have been applied mainly in systems of customer service and messaging. Its ability to manage numerous conversations in a shorter time has made the chatbots in the trend of the sector. Chatbots will resolve customer doubts in 2020

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