Brita’s wi-fi water purifier can order its own replacements

Brita’s wi-fi water purifier can order its own replacements

Brita’s wi-fi water purifier can order its own replacements

Amazon and Brita team up for an internet connected water purifier that takes away the hassle of ordering new filters.

We’ve seen connected kettles, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners, now Brita and Amazon have teamed up for a connected water filter pitcher that can automatically order new filters.

The Brita Infinity looks like a standard water filter pitcher, but it includes a built-in counter that can track how much water has been filtered. Once it detects the filter needs to be changed, it connects over wi-fi to the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service to order a new one, which is sent to the customer’s house.

Amazon launched the Dash Replenishment Service – a partnership with technology manufacturers such as General Electric and Samsung to integrate Dash Replenishment with their wi-fi connected devices – in the US in October.

To use the service, customers who buy the Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher need to register at, connect to their home network, and sign up for Amazon Dash Replenishment. Brita says a new filter will be ordered after 40 gallons, which is around two months.


The Dash Replenishment Service is the latest home grocery ordering innovation from Amazon in the US. Amazon wants to help make its customers’ lives more convenient, according to Daniel Rausch, director of Amazon Devices:

“Our goal is to ensure customers always have the everyday essentials they need and, with Dash Replenishment, smart household products know when it’s time to re-order to keep those essentials in stock,” he said.

“That moment of realizing you haven’t changed your filter in months, and you don’t have one on-hand, is gone—a new filter magically appears on a customer’s doorstep right when it’s needed.”

Customers in the US can also use Amazon Dash, a household replenishment service that lets you re-order from Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service from home, by scanning the barcode using a special device.

The retail giant also introduced the Dash Button where customers could order things like detergent and nappies, with one click of a dedicated button.

The Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher costs $44.99 (£32) from Amazon. This, and all other Amazon Dash products are only available in the US at the moment.

What do you think of the Brita Infinity Water Filter Pitcher? Would you like your devices to order replacements automatically? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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