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Bill Gates: When a robot takes a human work, it should be taxed

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  • February 18, 2017

The founder of Microsoft thinks that there should be a tax for robots. When a robot takes a human work, it should be taxed.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, made some interesting statements during an interview with Quartz. According to the businessman, the problems of labor replacement by robotic labor are real and that if the machines are going to take our jobs, they should also pay taxes.

When a robot takes a human work, it should be taxed

“If a human makes $ 50,000 USD of work in a factory, that income has a tax. If a robot comes and does the same thing, you would think we should also set a tax on the robot at a similar level.”

Of course the current reality is that these robots are not making money or are spending it, but in any case, taxes are made to pay for services and social needs, if the work stops paying taxes, the rest of society will suffer and this is a fuck that Gates mentions: “You cannot lose the income tax.”

So how can the government raise money? Gates suggests that he focus on the savings made by saving manpower and increasing efficiency or by simply setting some other type of robotic tax. This would balance the decision to eliminate the human labor a little, although it would also be a brake to the progress. We may wonder whether progress in the name of progress is really positive or whether it should always have an improvement in the quality of human life as a background.

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