Apple now has a USB-C to Lightning cable

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  • March 22, 2016

Apple now has a USB-C to Lightning cable

Apple now has a USB-C to Lightning cable

Apple events always bring great products, but some are quietly introduced in the background. That’s the case with a new USB-C to Lightning cable discovered on the Apple website.

Available in both one and two meter lengths ($25 and $35, respectively), the cable lets you plug an iPhone, iPad or iPod right into your MacBook. You can use it for data transfer, or to power your mobile devices.

It’s an interesting time to release a cable like this, though. Ahead of today’s event, there were rumblings we may see a Mac Mini refresh, or perhaps Apple would catch us by surprise with a new MacBook Pro.

Logically, those devices would have USB-C connectivity, much like the MacBook. There probably aren’t a whole lot of people clamoring for a cable like this right now, either — even though it was always kind of a no-brainer.

With the event bringing no new computers, we’re left looking toward WWDC in May or a Fall get-together for new MacBooks. Whenever they get here, expect USB-C to replace USB; Apple is probably tipping its hand here.

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