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App Transforms Your Photos In Emoji Mosaics

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  • September 25, 2015


Emoji are now everywhere. In fact, they are now cooler than ever. There was a time when their usage was decreasing, but it seems that with the rapid growth of messaging apps, Emoji are now, once again, part of the popular culture.

Emoji is now a language of its own, and brands are even starting to launch their own sets of Emoji, trying to be “cool” and surf on the trend.

Emoji are cool. You can express feelings or emotions with just one emoticon and they usually are way more fun that having to type in text instead. And you know what is even cooler? Transforming any photo or image into an amazing mosaic of Emoji.

Eric Andrew Lewis, one of the New York Times tech guys, had a brilliant idea: he created a web app that will create a mosaic of Emoji based on any photo you upload (by now you should have recognised who is on the photo above, right?). All you have to do is upload a pic within the (very basic looking, but still awesome) app, and voilà!

It’s not very useful, it’s not art, but this is the coolest app we have seen in a long time. Now go fill up your social media timelines with amazing Emoji mosaic, and make all your friends jealous.

➤ Check the Emoji Mosaic web app now, here.

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