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Addiction to technology is no accident, it is causality

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  • April 18, 2017

The devices and applications are designed to excite the brain in the same way as slot machines in a casino. Addiction to technology is no accident, it is causality.

Surely you have heard the word “hacking”, which is when you look for some limitation or failure in the code. Some program that allows you to access it to get information or assign tasks that you order. We usually believe that hacking is only possible in systems and electronic devices. But in fact there is the brain hacking, which all powerful technology companies use to shape our thoughts. And create an addiction to all the products they develop.

According to Tristan Harris, who is formerly of Google products mentions?

“Whether they like it or not, technology companies are molding people’s thoughts, feelings and actions. They are programming people. There is this narrative that technology is neutral, it is up to us to choose how we use it. But this is not true. They want you to use it as many times as possible and for long periods of time. Because that’s how they make their money”

Harris mentions that technology companies like Facebook, Apple, Google and others use the casino technique, which is used in slot machines for users to play on the machines as long as possible, making them always see the possibility that they will win And they will gain more. Although in most cases they are only losing their money.

In the case of technology, devices and applications are designed to feel the need to constantly review, “they are designed to excite the brain the same way slot machines do,” added Harris.

Social  Network Addiction

Every time a user checks their handset, they are practically playing slot machines to see if they have won anything. Only here the money earned translates as notifications, new emails, and followers on Twitter, some like Facebook or Instagram.

We feel the need for what we share in social networks to be gratified in some way. This is what makes smartphones and applications attractive and we always feel the need to have them by our side. This could be translated as a way to sequester the mind, or what is equal to perform a brain hack, a method that is capable of destroying the ability of anyone and especially children to be able to concentrate on the tasks of home and school.

It is not strange to start thinking because every time the new iPhone, the new Galaxy or any other technological device we feel a strange desire to have it, even when we have a phone in very good condition and that surely has not more than a year that came out to the market.

It’s hard to stop reviewing our social networks, downloading games for the phone and spending on micro transactions several times a week, all this is part of a well-crafted system through which companies make millions of dollars a year, Business that they are not willing to leave under any circumstances.


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