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A glimpse on Apple’s 2021 WWDC presentation

Let’s take a look at all the new features you will be seeing in your Apple devices this fall.

Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday digitally, where it unveiled new software for iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. WWDC is typically where Apple announces what’s new coming to the iPhone and iPad from the point of the software.The tech giant presented everything on what all they have been putting their efforts into, including iOS 15 which comes with revamped FaceTime and iMessage. All the software updates announced Monday will be available to developers immediately. For the general public, these updates will come later this year.

Here’s a quick summary of the event.

iOS 15

The expected version of the iPhone operating system iOS 15, is now official. The new iOS update includes a number of improvements including a much better FaceTime, really cool Live Text feature that can pull out text from your photos, richer search results in Spotlight etc. Now, FaceTime includes Spatial Audio, portrait mode to blur backgrounds, and a grid view to speak to multiple people at the same time. Not just that, Apple has also added a way that lets users send links to schedule individual FaceTime calls, similar to Zoom. Plus, users can also share their screen or music through a new feature called ShareTime. Its also exciting that FaceTime is now supported on Android and Windows through a web browser.
Starting with iOS 15, Apple could inform you which apps collect information silently.

iMessage is getting a redesign. The apple’s messaging platform, includes features that turn images into galleries. A brand new feature called “shared with you” basically saves links that people sent you and puts them in one place. It works with Safari, Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Podcasts.

They have worked on Notifications as it now have a brand new design on the lock screen, featuring a clearer look. With the new Focus feature, instead of silencing calls and notifications through Do Not Disturb, users will be able to set different types of notification preferences based on their status — like whether you are driving, working, or sleeping.

As part of the iOS 15, the iPhone is getting camera improvements, which includes a new feature called Live Text that automatically identifies and scans text in photographs. Another feature called Memories uses machine learning and AI to combine photos into galleries and adds music from Apple Music. Apple is also expanding the Wallet app functionality which now includes corporate badges.

Moreover, Apple has also updated its Maps software with 3D data. It now includes turning lanes and more city details. It also include a new feature coming to AirPods called “conversation boost” which essentially helps people better understand who they are talking to in real-time.

macOS Monterey

At WWDC 2021, Apple announced a new version of macOS called as Monterey, named after the beach town in California’s central coast. macOS Monterey brings a number of features including the ability to use the same mouse and keyboard across a Mac or an iPad. This feature is called Universal Control. Also, for the first time, iOS devices can beam their screen to a Mac, thanks to AirPlay. That’s not all. Apple’s Safari web browser has also got a redesign with new features including tab grouping and tab bookmarking. Apple also added new Shortcuts to the Mac interface.

iPadOS 15

With the iPadOS 15, users can rearrange iPad apps by putting widgets on the screen and the App Library feature, announced for iOS last year, automatically organises apps. Apple also introduced a new multitasking interface, making it easy to put two apps side by side on the iPad screen. The Notes app, meanwhile, has been updated with a better interface. A new feature called Quick Notes allows users to jot notes using the Apple Pencil. A new update to the Translation app has also been announced.

New privacy features & iCloud+ announced

Apple is adding new privacy features to its devices. For instance, it is adding something called tracker-blockers in its Mail app which basically hides your IP address and location. The company is also adding the App Tracker Report section to settings, where users can see how often apps use info in the last seven days.

The company has also announced iCloud+. The idea behind the iCloud+, includes additional features for online privacy. The biggest feature as part of iCloud+ is Private Relay, just like VPN which routes web traffic through two separate servers.

watchOS 8

The latest Apple Watch software includes brand new features such as the ability to write text with their finger to send a text message using the Apple Watch. watchOS 8 also includes an updated Breathe app called Mindfulness. There’s also support for tracking your respiratory rate while you’re asleep. Meanwhile, in the Workouts app, new workout types have been added including martial arts and palates. A new Artist Spotlight series is also being added.

Find My AirPods

Apple’s AirTags offered a new way to track devices, but when it comes to Apple’s own accessories, the company’s taking it a step further. The company said AirPods will now send out a “bluetooth beacon” so that Find My network devices can help you find AirPods if you’re not near them.

And in the case of AirPods Pro, the Find My app will help you pinpoint their location just like they do with AirTags.

Apple said it’s adding a “separation alert” to the AirPods as well, sending a notification to your phone if you leave your AirPods behind.

HomePod Mini will now work as stereo speakers

Later this year, users can ask HomePod Mini to play music or movie on Apple TV. The big news is users will be able to use their HomePod Mini as stereo speakers when hooked into the Apple TV. This feature was previously limited to the original HomePod.

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