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7 new functions of WhatsApp

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  • February 2, 2017
7 new functions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is definitely one of the most popular applications worldwide, present in the vast majority of smartphones. A daily communication tool whose changes affect millions of people. Constantly evolving, WhatsApp adapts to user requests and adding improvements. Several specialized media have leaked some of the most important ones that are preparing for this year. 7 new functions of WhatsApp.

7 new functions of WhatsApp

For now, they are available in the beta versions of iOS and Android – a preliminary and the test version is defined.

These are the characteristics that are expected in the application, here are that 7 new functions of WhatsApp:

1.Live Geolocation

The ‘app’ would include live geolocation for group chats. With this option, you could know the location of the members of a WhatsApp group with constant updates, which would allow seeing if the person is in movement.

It is said that this function will be disabled by default and users will have to activate it in the configuration menu of WhatsApp. In addition, the function could be activated for a limited time, either a few minutes or indefinitely.

2.Edit the messages

According to the specialised medium, this feature will allow users to edit sent messages, but only if the recipient has not read them. Some messaging services already use this option as Blackberry Messenger.

3.Delete messages

Not only can the messages be edited if the recipient has not yet read them, but they can be deleted permanently. Of course, in doing so, an alert message will be sent that shows that a message has been deleted.

4.Answer the status

So far, other users can see contact status messages, but cannot respond to these. With the new update, users would have the ability to respond directly to status messages that others have posted to WhatsApp.

5.Contact options

By shaking the device during a conversation, users would have the ability to view contact options to report spam messages directly to WhatsApp.

6.Low battery warning during calls

In the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, an on-screen warning is displayed during calls when the battery is about to run out.


A tab called “Status” will be added in which users will be able to add content they wish to share with their contacts. The photos, videos or texts will be added and displayed in the form of a timeline.

It seems that this section will allow you to add stories, such as Instagram, with a defined temporarily and decorative graphics.

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