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The 10 best innovations in automotive of the CES 2017 are

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  • March 31, 2017

The 10 best innovations in automotive of the CES 2017 are

  1. Augmented reality

Augmented reality will be a ‘baseline’ in the cars of the future. A perfect blend of the real and the virtual that could be VW’s Intuitive Usability concept. Data is projected onto the windshield to provide data to the driver and facilitate driving (which becomes more secure).

  1. The vans of the future

Mercedes presented his vision of what will be the delivery vehicles of the future. In collaboration with Starship Enterprises, this new van will have robots that will load and unload packages.

  1. Holographic controls

BMW is another of the car brands present at CES 2017. Among its many innovations, highlights BMW HoloActive Touch, a system that projects holographs in the passenger compartment of the vehicle. And allows control of the car with a mixture of gestures and voice commands.

  1. Car Wallet

Car Wallet will be the system that will connect the vehicle to a bank account, which will be the car itself that ‘pay’ your expenses, or even who makes you money in case you share the car.


  1. The cockpit of the future

When the autonomous car is a day-to-day reality, the interior will gain importance, and above all. It will have to be redirected so that the passenger and the pilot are more comfortable and even entertained. In CES 2017 we have seen two examples of what could be the future of the future: the BMW i Inside Future, where connectivity is the key, and the Toyota Concept-i, a prototype that fuses autonomous driving and artificial intelligence.

  1. Tomorrow’s Maps

Maps in high definition and in 3D are the key to a future with autonomous driving. Mercedes introduced a technology that can position your vehicles with mill metric precision.

  1. Meet the driver

There are several brands that have presented technologies that try to make the vehicle know and understand its driver. For example, Nvidia Facial Recognition technology, which recognizes the driver’s facial features, from which he deduces which direction he is looking for, or even recognizes voice commands when reading lips.


  1. Electrical mobility

Electric cars are reaching new levels. Proof of this is, for example, the concept Faraday Future, or the Mercedes-EQ.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence is gaining ground and importance in the development of future mobility. Manufacturers like Mercedes or suppliers like Nvidia are working on technologies and algorithms that improve this facet.


  1. First and foremost, health

At CES Las Vegas 2017 we have also been able to find an app that will warn the occupants of the vehicle of possible health problems. The brand that presented it: Mercedes.



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